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Burial Insurance for Cancer Patients

Can I get burial insurance for cancer patients?


Unfortunately this is a question that we as life insurance agents hear all too often. It’s bad enough that life has thrown all cancer patients a major curveball, especially if the cancer is aggressive in nature, or worse yet, has been determined to be terminal.


First, I would like you to know that, yes; it is still possible to be able to apply for, and receive  funeral or burial insurance for  cancer patients. For the purpose of this information, we will assume that you have just been recently diagnosed with some form of cancer, and are now, if not planning for end of life needs; you are at least looking into your options.


If you have just been diagnosed with cancer, or you are within two years from being cancer free, the type of burial insurance for cancer patients policy you will more than likely be able to receive is what is known in the funeral insurance industry as a Guaranteed Issue Final Expense Policy.


Now, this may not be the case with 100 percent of all cancer patients, but this will apply to 99 percent of them. For many, when you are looking for burial insurance for cancer patients, you are simply looking for enough of a funeral expense benefit to provide for a decent burial. That’s exactly what a funeral or burial insurance policy is designed to provide.


A final expense insurance policy, another term that is used to describe a burial insurance for cancer patients policy, can be purchased with a death benefit amount of as little as $2,000, to a maximum benefit limit of $50,000. Please keep in mind that not all final expense insurance providers will allow you to purchase the maximum of the $50,000 death benefit, some will only allow a $10,000 maximum death benefit, and others will issue a burial insurance policy for up to $25,000 in face value.


Before you begin your process of buying a burial insurance for cancer patients’ policy, one of the first things you need to consider is how much of a policy benefit you will need. Are you just looking for funeral expense coverage, or is there more of a financial responsibility that needs to be addressed beyond burial expenses? Are there any other final debts that need to be taken care of as well? Mortgage debt, credit card debt, and car loans, are just a small example of these expenses.


Once you have determined the amount of burial insurance for cancer patients insurance benefit that you need, you can begin the process of purchasing your life insurance policy.


As I said earlier, 99 percent of all current cancer patients will only be able to purchase and receive a guaranteed issue final expense policy. While this type of burial insurance for cancer patients policy will be more costly than a typical life insurance policy, they do have a simple application process that in many cases can be completed directly over the phone with no health questions asked, and no physicals or Doctor’s visits required, plus, depending on the life insurance carrier, they can even be issued as soon as the next day.


What are some of the drawbacks to a burial insurance for cancer patients policy?


Probably the biggest obstacle is the factor of time. While most anybody can apply for and receive a guaranteed issue burial insurance policy, in most cases they do come with a two year waiting period before the death benefit becomes payable.


However, should the cancer patient pass away before this waiting period has been exceeded and the death benefit becomes available, you will receive a total refund of all monies paid towards the life insurance policy, plus interest. The amount of interest earned will vary from one life insurance company to another.


If you need burial insurance for cancer patients, not only we will shop your life insurance needs among several of the top rated funeral insurance companies to ensure that you receive the lowest possible price for your policy, but we also combine that with some of the best customer service available in the industry today.


Remember, in many cases, you can even purchase your burial insurance for cancer patients policy directly over the phone today.


However, if you still prefer the personal service of a local life insurance agent to visit you in the convenience of your own home, we can arrange that for you as well. Some people like to buy burial insurance for cancer patients in person.  


Burial Insurance for Cancer Patients

Burial Insurance for Cancer Patients